Giveaway time! So, as some of you know my last giveaway did not go very well, as all the notes on the post were lost due to some people spam reblogging…so, here’s my attempt at making it up to you all!


  • Must be following me (I mean this is a giveaway for my beautiful followers after all).
  • You must ship Dean/Cas (I’m not really gonna check too closely but why would you want to win a deancas giveaway if you don’t ship them ya feel me).
  • Only 1 reblog per day.
  • You can reblog every single day if you want to tho.
  • Liking this post also counts as an entry so like away.
  • Messaging me about how much you love me is very much appreciated but will not increase your odds of winning.
  • I love you too for the record.
  • You’re all precious //strokes your faces.
  • That’s not a rule ummmm…
  • Giveaway ends May 23rd, it is open worldwide…actually I don’t care if you live on the moon as long as you have an address where I can send stuff. :3
  • Okay that’s it…


  • Season 8 DVD, the ultimate Dean/Cas season.
  • Awesome tote bag from Cesca’s shop (I own several society6 tote bags and they are really the best bags ever).
  • Earrings from my Etsy shop.
  • Awesome Dean/Cas charm necklace (not for sale in my shop, but assembled by meeee).
  • Angel and Hunter rings from chasingatstarlight (the same shop I got mine and Laura’s bracelets from).
  • Destiel nail polish from Fandom Cosmetics.
  • Some other surprise stuff from my shop. :3

Ummm that’s about it. I love you guys and please don’t spam reblog and screw up the notes because I really want this one to go better than the last. :)

Reminder that when this hits 1k I will be adding another prize. :)

Yay 1k! These cute little pentagram earrings are now part of the givaway as well~


Adding another prize when this hits 2k! :)